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Thanks for visiting my site!  As you’ve probably figured from this narcissistic website template, my name is Mark Aspelin.  I’m a New Mexico-based author of over 50 blog posts and articles, as well as two highly rated books that were wildly popular among members of my immediate family:

  • “Profitable Conservation: Business Strategies That Boost Your Bottom Line, Protect Wildlife, and Conserve Biodiversity”
  • “How to Fail at Life: Lessons for the Next Generation”

My articles and interviews have been featured by GreenBiz, Inside EPA, Perceptive Travel, and the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation’s Half-Earth Project.  

I have a B.S. in Biology from the University of Notre Dame, M.S. in Biology from Creighton University, and MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.  I remember very little of that education today.

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Praise for How to Fail at Life
“Self-help books have a tendency to be dry and boring. Not so with this one. Not only did I find this book amazingly resourceful, but witty too. Exceptionally written, Mark has a unique way of teaching life’s lessons. More than a self-help book, as I found this to be a highly enjoyable read. Thank you Mark for showing us how we can laugh at life’s mistakes and learn something too!”
Cheri Roan
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Praise for Profitable Conservation
“One of the most all-encompassing discussions of the mass of knowledge and activity that conservation entails this reviewer ever has read. Further, he has provided this material in a very readable form, yet supplied each chapter with a wealth of corroborative references for the interested reader to pursue further if desired. This is a book that any and every one with even a modicum of interest in the world in which we live definitely should read.”
John H. Manhold
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Praise for Profitable Conservation
"The diversity of nature, perfected over millions of years, provide many secrets that can be of great benefit to humans. If we lose biodiversity, we lose that potential. In a world of population increase, habitat destruction, and especially industrialized agriculture, biodiversity is the victim. Mark Aspelin's excellent presentation provides ideas about how business and biodiversity can go hand in hand."
Dr. George Archibald
Co-Founder and Senior Conservationist at The International Crane Foundation

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